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icon Welcome to Asgard

We are a network focused around DC (DirectConnect™). We are mainly focused on Sci-Fi, and general TV. We have Spread into other areas, like Webradio and Gaming, even the odd server sponsoring for gamers. We also frequent our IRC Channel on Quakenet (#asgards).

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Please note that we do not condone the sharing of illegal materials or copyrighted materials. Our hubs are, and always will be, there for the purpose of sharing of uncopyrighted materials, and shareware/freeware. Each person therefore share on their own accord what they have, and we in no way take responsibility for this. Our hubs are a meeting place where you can chat, get help and come together as a community, and share legal files.

We wish you a good stay here in the Asgard Network and hope you will come back to us.

icon News from Asgard

A new Hub (22/06-10 by light-angel)
I know its a little late but we have a new hub in asgards ManiK with Hub Owner JimBob so lets make him feel welcome.
If you want access find him in one of the asgards hubs and he or someone will help you out

Official Asgards News (02/03-10 by light-angel)
As of last sunday 28 Feb 2010 Curse is the Official owner of asgards i would like to welcome him into his now job let move this thing up to the next level

Asgard Backup Server (01/02-10 by light-angel)
as u will have seen asgards have had a few problems today but we are getting back on are feet so the website & hubs might run a little slow please stick with us we are doing everything we can do to get this sorted

Thanks for visiting Light-Angel

Asgards (25/01-10 by Ugg)
As some of you may have noticed, towards the end of 2009 Asgards suffered a few problems, amongst these problems was the forum.
The choice was made to move the whole website (Forum,TVM and everything else) to a whole new server.
The website was of course moved easy, but the forum had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Thanks to Light-Angel this has been done.
Most of you will have to [Register] on the Forum, but the old TVM maglinkers will only need to contact Light-Angel.
Light-Angel worked very hard on this and Asgards would like to say a BIG THANK YOU.

So to sum up:
Everything is working once again.
Asgardians go forth and spread the word, we are back Better Than Ever.

Asgards TVM (25/01-10 by light-angel)
some of u know the Asgards TVM has been up and down but now it is 100% we have are good friend ugg with a little help from Light-Angel, [BBB]Curse and zasz

so now u can login to add magnets with your PHPBB3 logins that is if ya have the rights to once agen TY ugg

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