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We are a network focused around DC (DirectConnectâ„¢). We are mainly focused on Sci-Fi, and general TV. We have Spread into other areas, like Webradio and Gaming, even the odd server sponsoring for gamers. We also frequent our IRC Channel on Quakenet (#asgards).
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Please note that we do not condone the sharing of illegal materials or copyrighted materials. Our hubs are, and always will be, there for the purpose of sharing of uncopyrighted materials, and shareware/freeware. Each person therefore share on their own accord what they have, and we in no way take responsibility for this. Our hubs are a meeting place where you can chat, get help and come together as a community, and share legal files. We wish you a good stay here in the Asgard Network and hope you will come back to us.
Asgard News
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TVM updates

Over the last week i have been working with PTB to update the login system for the TVM this has now been done if you had an account on the old system and still want to use it let me(Light-Angel) or PTB know and we will sort one out for you

Posted: 2016-11-05 21:44:34 Posted By: Light-Angel Website Owner/Website Admin

Asgards New Website

Over the next few week's the Asgards Website is going to get a overhaul to be more user friendly and admin friendly, And I think we should say a big thanks too Light-Angel for all the hard work hes put into this site which runs much smoother then the old portal. so again thank you!

Posted: 2016-10-28 20:37:08 Posted By: Light-Angel Website Owner/Website Admin

Edit Date: 2017-04-05 21:21:28 Edited By: PTB Co-Website Admin

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