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I got Banned - Maros - 24-05-2016


Yesterady I got kicked from dchub:// with a message saying it was due to leech, I tried to make a post here , rtwice but for some reasons it didnt show up, first I thought it might be sent to some one first. The leech was in regard to adult stuff. Then today, I got a message saying I was banned for a year, now I don´t know why I would be banned, I didn´t downlod anymore adult from said hub users and there was no mention in the rules that I had to share what I downloaded, I just have to have a share and I have.

Quote:<CuRZeD> You are kicked/banned from until: 2017/05/24 16:06:31 because: leech you have been banned if you think this is wrong please post a message here with your nick ip and kick/ban message

Do I really have to post my ip ?
nick Maros

RE: I got Banned - Loki - 24-05-2016

i have unbaned you ip address

RE: I got Banned - Maros - 24-05-2016

(24-05-2016, 04:31 PM)Light-Angel Wrote: i have unbaned you ip address

Thank you Smile