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I just got kicked again? - Maros - 24-05-2016


I just got kicked by zed again with the same message regarding leech. I thought this was resolved? what I downloaded yesterday is gone , watched and deleted, and tehre are still no rules saying I have to share what I download in dchub://, I have a share. How can what i downloaded from anotehr hub have any bearing in this hub? I learnt my lesson and for what it is worth I have been banned from that hub as well, ( that will teach me to read the rules ) and when/if I ever get back to taht hub it willnot happenagain. now this is just a kick but I need to know I wont be banned again.

Quote:CuRZeD> You are kicked/banned from until: 2016/05/24 19:17:54 because:  you have been banned if you think this is wrong please post a message here with your nick ip and kick/ban message