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Banned // Fixed - PoisonIvy[psv] - 23-08-2011


Could someone tell me what filelist inflation is and why does this applied to my share;

I manly have TV series of different kind some comic books several audio books and 30 something video clips.
Together about 200-250gb of share.
It changes because I don't have much disk space and I burn staff that I already saw to make place for new things.
No other hub saw anything wrong with my share but you did ;(
Please tell me how can I be permitted back?

Awaiting your replay.

Re: Banned - Curse - 23-08-2011

I have no idea what "filelist inflation" is myself, but I've unbanned your IP in CuRZed, when you get back, PM me "curse" and I'll have a look at your share.