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Thread for fixes and addons to the new TVM
I thought we might as well make a thread for what we do and what we might need others to help with in the TVM.

So, starting with.

I added "Aquarius" but the banner is linked straight from "RARBG", I guess we need a better banner and somewhere to upload our own banners, again.
I don't have any login info to any place for that currently, and I assume we should decide where to upload them, and all use the same place, for easier backup.

I also add Mr.Jester's awesome list of lost shows here..

Also remember, if you add the last episode of a show, tick the 0-day box like you would do with the latest episode of a show.
As now when I added "Aquarius", on episode 13(the last episode existing) I ticked the 0-day box. It's to show in the feed that something was added.
The same if someone was adding some ancient show. let's for fun say... Star Trek TOS from the 60's. On the last episode(S03E24, from 03 June, 1969), tick 0-day. It's not new, nor zero-day, but it's the last episode.

// endedit

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