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I've been using this hub ( almost exclusively) for more than a year and never had a problem but I haven't been connected for a month due to computer problems.
Last sunday I connected again. No problem .
Then I left the computer on the whole week  (because I work away) and now I have this message:

Quote: <Orbital> You are kicked/banned from until: 2017/03/06 18:57:43 because: FUCK you have been banned if you think this is wrong please post a message here with your nick ip and kick/ban message
Quote:<Wasteland> You're sharing too much, you have: 501.95 GB, maximum for your profile is: 1.00 GB

I don't understand what I could have done , how could be sharing too much or why I'm been kicked out?
I hope I explained myself correctly (didn't find the stickies) and it was just a misunderstanding.

Best regards
nic: KalebDaark
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