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TV-Rage is down. Help is here
I just thought that I'd come with some help and information about the current TV-Rage situation.

As many of you might have noticed, TV-Rage has been down for several weeks now with no info at all from the admins.
Why should we care?
Well, the former +air script in CuRZed used my special list of shows from, which in turn used data from TV-Rage.
Giving us something like
26-Sep-2015    01:00    Hawaii Five-0    06x01    Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie (Do Not Disturb the Water is Tranquil)        
26-Sep-2015    02:00    Ancient Aliens    08x09    The Alien Wars        
26-Sep-2015    02:00    Continuum    04x04    Zero Hour        
26-Sep-2015    03:00    Z Nation    02x03    Zombie Road        
26-Sep-2015    19:35    Doctor Who    09x02    The Witch’s Familiar        
27-Sep-2015    01:55    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy    01x02    Knowhere to Run        
27-Sep-2015    19:00    Bron/Broen    03x01    Afsnit 1        
28-Sep-2015    01:00    Once Upon a Time    05x00    Recap Special        
28-Sep-2015    01:00    Once Upon a Time    05x01    The Dark Swan        
28-Sep-2015    01:00    The Simpsons    27x01    Every Man's Dream        
28-Sep-2015    02:00    Family Guy    14x01    Peternormal Activity        
28-Sep-2015    02:00    Fear The Walking Dead    01x05    Cobalt        
28-Sep-2015    03:00    The Strain    02x12    Fallen Light        
28-Sep-2015    20:00    Les Revenants    02x01    Season 2, Episode 1        
29-Sep-2015    01:00    Gotham    02x02    Knock, Knock        
29-Sep-2015    01:00    The Big Bang Theory    09x02    The Separation Oscillation        
29-Sep-2015    03:00    NCIS: Los Angeles    07x02    Citadel        
30-Sep-2015    01:00    NCIS    13x02    Personal Day        
30-Sep-2015    02:00    From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series    02x06    There Will Be Blood        
30-Sep-2015    02:00    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.    03x01    Laws of Nature        
30-Sep-2015    02:00    NCIS: New Orleans    02x02    Shadow Unit        
30-Sep-2015    03:00    The Bastard Executioner    01x03    A Hunger/Newyn

The time (02.00 etc) is in Swedish time, so CET or CEST depending on season.

I know that many used a similar list to keep track of shows.
So... What can we do now? is trying to scoop up as much data as possible, in case TV-Rage never comes back, making sure all ain't lost.
They have also released a good API for helping scripts, apps and pages relying on TV data.
I'm thinking of using it to make either a bot or an Android app to help track our favorite shows. is another page that with a fairly clean interface helps to keep track of your episodes, if myepisodes won't work.

I hope some of you can get some help out of this.

// Curse

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