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I've been using this hub ( almost exclusively) for more than a year and never had a problem but I haven't been connected for a month due to computer problems.
Last sunday I connected again. No problem .
Then I left the computer on the whole week  (because I work away) and now I have this message:

Quote: <Orbital> You are kicked/banned from until: 2017/03/06 18:57:43 because: FUCK you have been banned if you think this is wrong please post a message here with your nick ip and kick/ban message
Quote:<Wasteland> You're sharing too much, you have: 501.95 GB, maximum for your profile is: 1.00 GB

I don't understand what I could have done , how could be sharing too much or why I'm been kicked out?
I hope I explained myself correctly (didn't find the stickies) and it was just a misunderstanding.

Best regards
nic: KalebDaark
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It seems you've made someone very agry, since you were banned all over.
When you get back, please contact the OPs, so we can get the issue solved, or you might just get banned again,

20160313-09:21:30 Orbital: The ban: kalebdaark was removed from nickbans.
20160313-09:23:04 CuRZeD: The ban: kalebdaark was removed from nickbans.
20160313-09:23:37 VENUS: The ban: kalebdaark was removed from nickbans.
20160313-09:24:13 ANGEL_WATCH: The ban: kalebdaark was removed from nickbans.
20160313-09:24:46 Dreamer: The ban: kalebdaark was removed from nickbans.

The wasteland hub is just there to catch up people sharing nothing, so if you share more than 1 GB, you're getting redirected to some other hub.

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Ok thank you

I contacted Light Angel, Annie, Nightlounge and Curzed.

I hope we can sort it out.

Best regards
Kaleb Daark
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Hi Asgard I was banned on Curzed by posting this msg

- Upcomming -
The X Files 11x09 - Nothing Lasts Forever - Mar.15.2018
HomeLand 7x06 - Species Jump - Mar.19.2018
Game of Thrones 8x01 - - 2019
Salvation 2x01 - - 2018
Stranger Things 3x01 - - 2018
The 100 5x01 - Eden - Apr.25.2018
The Walking Dead 8x12 - The Key - Mar.19.2018
The Expanse 3x01 - - 2018
- Last Released -
The X Files 11x08 - Familiar - Mar.08.2018 relesed
HomeLand 7x05 - Active Measures - Mar.12.2018 released
Game of Thrones 7x07 - The Dragon and The Wolf - Aug.27.2016 released
Salvation 1x13 - The Plot Against America - Sep.20.2017 released
Stranger Things 2x09 - Chapther Nine : The Gate - Oct.28.2017 released
The 100 4x13 - Praimfaya - May.25.2017 released
The Walking Dead 8x11 - Dead or Alive or - Mar.12.2018 released

I was a VIP some time ago and had no problem posting this kind of msg
Did i lost my rights
I'm no VIP ??
Thank You !
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NoFear, you should have opened a new thread instead of hijacking someone else's thread.
However, I'll check. As far as I know, no changes have been done to any accounts lately and you should be VIP.

OK, checked, you are now VIP again, dunno why you had become reg. And it was only a 15 minute automatic kickban.

I now remember why you got demoted to REG from VIP. It's because you, even after you were told not to, continued to post links to your network.
You are now VIP again and can post links, but I urge you to NOT post links to your networks webpage, or you'll get demoted again. Also, no need to post links to stream TV episodes, we already have those episodes in share.,

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Ok sorry for the links of the network and i will stop posting links for tv Series >>> Thank You Curse !
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