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I'm currently banned from Curzed for the following reason:
Quote:[20:18] <CuRZeD> You have been banned by Mr.Jester because: Do not share Program Files folder here, please _BAN_48h
[20:18] <CuRZeD> Time remaining 16:26:40
But I'm not sharing my "Program Files" folder!

I do have in my shares a folder named "Programs" in which there is the installation softwares of several programs (amongst which several mods --some of which are no longer available on the net AFAIK-- for the game Dawn of War).

So either sharing installation softwares is against the rules of Curzed (something which escaped my attention when I registered) or Mr Jester thought that I was sharing my "Program Files" folder when it's not the case because of the somewhat similar name I choose for the folder in question.

I'd like to know which is the case, and see my ban lifted if it was just a misunderstanding.


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PS: I just renamed that folder "Softwares" to avoid further such misunderstanding...

(Sorry for the double post BTW)
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[20100524 - 20:29:05] <CuRZeD> Nick Nash unbanned. when you get back in can u PM me and i will recheck ya share
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all sorted and cleared
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