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The Pander

The Pander are clanless, and as such have no official leader

Not a lover, not a fighter, moneymaker - knee breaker. You dont even know who your dumped you in that alley for fucks sake!
Join Pander and shape your own destiny, unbound to the confines of clan restrictions and morals.
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The Followers of Set also known as Setites

The leader of the Setites is [Setite]Seraphim

Originally hailing from Egypt, the serpentine Setites are said to worship the undead vampire-deity Set, serving him in all their efforts. The Setites seem intent on 'corrupting' others, enslaving victims in snares of their own weakness, but for what inscrutable purpose, none can guess. Other Kindred despise the Followers of Set, and the clan claims no allies. Nonetheless,many vampires seek out the Setites, as the clan is whispered to possess arcane gifts and secrets from elder nights. Inevitably, sin and debasement follow in their wake, and many princes refuse to allow them in their cities. Some sinister purpose unites the Followers of Set, and they are one of the few clans rumored to have constant contact with their founder. Many Kindred rightly fear these fork-tongued vampires, for their very presence is often enough to set a Kindred down the road to ruin.
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Clan Giovanni

Leader unknown, presumed dead

Clan Giovanni is a clan of financiers and necromancers. Trafficking in the commodity of souls has given this clan a disproportionate amount of power, while trafficking in world finance has given them almost sickening wealth. Other Kindred are loath to trust the mercenary Giovanni, who seem to be using their influence toward some unknown end. Part of their unhealthy reputation stems from the fact that it is a very insular clan, drawing almost all its members from its incestuous mortal family. Further damaging their reputation is the pervasive rumor that its members usurped their vampiric status from the vampire who originally Embraced them. Soon after becoming a vampire, the Giovanni clan leader destroyed his sire and the bloodline, creating the clan in his own image.
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Clan Lasombra

Leader unknown

Masters of darkness and shadow, and possess a knack for leadership as keen as that of Clan Ventrue. Indeed, many see the Ventrue and Lasombra as twisted reflections of one another. Once, the Lasombra were nobles, but the chaos of Kindred history and the formation of the Sabbat have caused most of them to turn their backs upon their origins. Now,they give themselves wholly over to the damnation of being vampires. The Sabbat has affected this clan as profoundly as the Lasombra have affected the Sabbat, and without the rulership of these fallen aristocrats, the Sabbat would likely disintegrate.
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Clan Tremere

Leader: [Tremere]Jove

No clan is so shrouded in deliberate mystery as the Tremere. The inventors and practitioners of terrible blood magicks, the secretive Tremere have a tightly knit political structure based on the acquisition of power, as well as a fanatical clan loyalty, practically unknown to any other clan. Because of the veil of secrecy that surrounds the clan, disturbing stories have surfaced as to the nature of their vampirism. Some Kindred claim that the Tremere are not really vampires at all, but rather mortal wizards that cursed themselves for eternity while studying the secret of immortality. One of the most rampant rumors, spread by a gypsy visitor to their chantry house in Vienna, is that the clan founder, Tremere himself, is undergoing a horrid metamorphosis into *something* else. Clan Tremere is silent on the matter, and looks askance upon those who would presume to know it's secrets.
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Clan Tzimisce

Leader unknown, presumed deceased

Formerly the tyrants of Eastern Europe, this clan has been uprooted from their Old Country manses and relocated into the clutches of the Sabbat. Possessed of a peculiar nobility, coupled with an evil that transcends mortal perception, this clan leads the Sabbat in its rejection of all things human. Certain Kindred apocrypha claims that the Tzimisce was once the most powerful clan in the world, but that history and other Kindred conspired to bring it down to its current state. Moreso than any other vampires, they revel in their monstrousness. they practice a 'fleshcrafting' Discipline that they use to disfigure their foes and sculpt themselves into beings of terrible beauty.
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(05-06-2010, 02:24 PM)TroyCoxx Wrote: The Assamites:

The clan leader of the Assamites is: [Assamite]Cyber_Ninja

From the desert wastes of the East come the Assamites, and they bring with them a miasma of terror.
The Assamites are known throughout vampire society as a clan of murderous assassins, working for whoever can pay their price.
The price they charge for their work is the vitae of other Kindred; for the Assamites, diablerie is the greatest sacrament.

quote: "what need have we for ruling a petty mass of squabbling synchophants when we are already on the true path? there is none who does not quake at the slightest hint of our presence,assurance chat  and that leaves a taste sweeter than blood in my mouth."

This is my first time here and i just want to say that I’m very happy to be here and to share my opinion.
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