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network ban
Hello people,

might be, that I've been an asshole, ok I called Lorykitty things (which wasn't really my intention), but don't you think a year ban or network ban is a bit too hard? Maybe I was just too paranoid ... maybe you can ask Loner and others to reset the ban ...
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Hi Lizard

The first few times you were being out of order some people wanted you to receive a network ban but it was first agreed on that we would give you another try but you kept on doing it then it was put to a vote with all OP's and HubOwners and almost across the board it was for you to receive a network ban as you had been asked more than once to stop it and you didn't stop
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As Light-Angel has said in his post above you did not listen to several ppl telling you to tone it down and sadly this is what it came too. as stated in LA's post it has been discussed and it its final.
Hope you have a good day and best wishes PTB
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