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Speed Test!
My new fiber. It's said to be 30Mbit/30Mbit fir the first 24h, then the real speed of 300Mbit/300Mbit should pop in.
[Image: 5101837219.png]
So seems to hit the spot close enough. Perhaps Windows 10 was downloading something in the background or one of the different mobiles or tablets om the house were doing something...
Compare it to the old ADSL...
(Switching WiFi networks, since the old is still active)
[Image: 5101847532.png]
So.. hmm.. yea, I guess I should switch back to Vodafone Ono Wink
I'll post a new one when my full speed is active, though, my WiFi dongle is only 150Mbps, so not sure what it'll show in the end.

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