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Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'
Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'

Fascinating and daunting project this.. simulating the whole earth.. Kinda grandscale, don't you think?

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Interesting project.. and somehow scary, since the wast amount data they need to collect, especially the Social data, that is our normal life, the things our governments is spying on us with CCTV and saving Internet and phone data. Even if they below say they won't use it... well.. if they have the info and the supercomputers, who know how nice the scientists will be in the future.

Quote:But semantic web technology will encode a description of data alongside the data itself, enabling computers to understand the data in context.

What's more, our approach to aggregating data stresses the need to strip out any of that information that relates directly to an individual, says Dr Helbing.

The Living Earth Simulator aims to predict how diseases spread
That will enable the LES to incorporate vast amounts of data relating to human activity, without compromising people's privacy, he argues.

Once an approach to carrying out large-scale social and economic data is agreed upon, it will be necessary to build supercomputer centres needed to crunch that data and produce the simulation of the Earth, says Dr Helbing.

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