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Coca Cola Recipe revealed?
Our public media friends at This American Life broke some pretty major news over the weekend. Coca Cola's recipe has been secret since 1886. The only official copy of the recipe is supposedly in a bank vault somewhere in the U.S.

Well, This American Life thinks they've hit the jackpot. In a 1979 article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they found what appears to be a legitimate copy of the recipe. They spoke to Mark Pendergrast, author of For God, Country and Coca-Cola, who further assured them this looks just right.

Want to try it? Here's the ingredient list from TAL:

Fluid extract of coca

Citric acid




Lime juice




Orange oil

Lemon oil

Nutmeg oil

Coriander oil

Neroli oil

Cinnamon oil

Wikipedia, by the way, has a list of purported recipes that look a lot like this ingredient list. Also, just a note that as of this posting the This American Life website is offline. We'll try and get you audio of the story as soon as the site comes back up.

Source: NPR

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sure. can be it. even though I thought it would be some kola nut extract in it. and there are no specifications on the amounts, so the recipe is more or less useless.. it's been known for at least 100 years, sort of, what the ingredients in coca-cola is. just not how much of what.

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sorry curse this is the only place I could find to post this, but it seems my ISP has blocked my access to DC, will keep trying though.
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I think it worked out.. since I saw you the other day .
Sorry, been a bit slow on checking the forum.

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