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SG:U crew reunite for pilot
Several members of the Stargate Universe crew have reunited to work on a new pilot.

Redeye reports that visual efforts supervisor Mark Savela and production assistant Ken Kabatoff have recruited "about 80%" of the show's production team for new project Echoes.

"Everybody just loved working together [on SGU] so much and nobody wanted it to end," explained Savela. "When we came up with this project, people said, 'Oh, we all get to work together again? That's really cool'."

A presentation piece to promote a pilot, Echoes will focus on a band of humans struggling to survive on an Earth that has been decimated by a war between two alien races.

"It's [usually] always the aliens attacking the humans," said Kabatoff. "Having aliens against another alien race basically leaves the humans as collateral on their own planet. Many of the Earth's citizens have been wiped out already. It's not us against them, it's them against each other, and we're just trying to stay alive."

The pair confirmed that SGU director Will Waring, director of photography Michael Blundell, production designer James Robbins and musician Joel Goldsmith have all signed up to the project.

Former SGU actors Jennifer Spence (Dr Lisa Park) and Mike Dopud (Varro) will also star in Echoes alongside Victoria Pratt and Lochlyn Munro.

Stargate Universe was axed last year after two seasons following a decline in ratings. The show's remaining episodes are currently airing on Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy and the series finale is expected to air in May.

(Source: 'Stargate Universe' crew reunite for pilot)

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