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Wonder Woman might be shelved by NBC
When NBC announced its Wonder Woman reboot earlier this year, conventional wisdom said it was a lock to make the schedule. Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero, the project had David E. Kelley penning it, and it had a hot young actress ready to don the bulletproof bracelets. Things have changed.

News of four series pickups for NBC has leaked, and Wonder Woman is not among them. In fact, the scuttlebutt on the street (via EW) says that Wonder Woman, after testing "mixed-to-negative" and receiving a public flogging for costume choice, is looking like a longshot to make the schedule.

Instead, NBC has chosen four other women to build series around. The network has ordered Smash, Whitney, Prime Suspect, and Up All Night to series, and show features females front and center. Here they are, along with arbitrary grades to spice things up.

Source: NBC Snags Four New Series, Wonder Woman Not Looking Good

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