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Roman Road
Have you ever seen a Roman Road?
What is so surprising, to me, is just how straight they are.
The Roman's, apparently, taught us Brits, well, us "Angels" (as in Non Angli, sed Angeli. ["Not Angles, but Angels."]).
And in the "colony's" they built straight roads too. I'm sure you've seen them. Perfectly straight. So straight that you can even see the curvature of the Earth. The comedian Ross Noble claims that when he was motorcycling in Australia his satnav said "turn right in two days".

i thought you might like to see our latest British efforts ...

[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->2011-11-06 - wiggly line - CX3 sn 38100168 - RIMG0001 - 0001 (800x600).jpeg<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

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Signing of Curse
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