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Pros and Cons
New "game", compare hot pairs. Name your own pair or comment on previous pair(s):

i'll start with Meredith or "baby" Grey (Grey's Anantomy).

meredith has piggy eyes and a funny mouth (probably caused by giving too many blow jobs from the side) ... baby Grey wins hands down for me.
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The Good Wife
"The Good Wife" herself (who's now so good that she's screwing her boss) or Kalinda Sharma?

As attractive as Julianna Margulies is, there is something about "Kalinda" that really does it for me.
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Stevie from the comedy Amanda
Linda from Waterloo Road
OK, she's played by the same person
Stevie really turns me on
Linda is a complete turn-off.
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LeeLoo from 5th element
Alice from Resident Evil

Same here, same person, I love Milla in all her movies, but somehow LeeLoo takes the price.

(did I understand the game right?)

Signing of Curse
[Image: style7,CrZDC-pls--pls-.png]
[Image: signsignature376502.jpg]
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[BBB]Curse Wrote:(did I understand the game right?)
same girl, different girls, which ever you like.
just the kind of thing you did at school (sort of "compare and contrast")
- but a bit more pervy.

i agree about Mila. first time i saw her she was across both centre pages of a newspaper dressed in her underwear and a very short see-though nightie. any man would have looked at the photo and not the write-up. however, if you had bothered to read the article, you would have seen that, if the photo that was spread across the two centre pages was in your personal photo-album, you would be breaking the law as she was way too young (thirteen - or younger). once you had read the article, you certainly closed the newspaper very quickly!
to this day i wonder what sort of a crazy law allows a newspaper to print pictures of under-age girls that would be illegal in any other context.
as for fifth elephant ... it's that "dress" that does it for me.
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Pan Am
Bridget or Colette?
i am so pissed off with everyone constantly banging on about how sexy the French accent is it makes me feel the opposite - i really hate it!
however, and a big, BIG, HOWEVER, Colette makes me - WOW!
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Salli Richardson as Allison Blake
Erica Cerra as Josefina 'Jo' Lupo

I'd go for 'Jo'! She can protect me with those big guns

And for the news...
New Eureka eps are soon available on a hub/torrent near you <!-- s:twisted: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil" /><!-- s:twisted: -->
16-Apr-2012 Eureka 05x01 Season 5, Episode 1

Signing of Curse
[Image: style7,CrZDC-pls--pls-.png]
[Image: signsignature376502.jpg]
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Vampire Diaries
i originally came here to ask pose the question,
Elena or Caroline?
then i thought, ...
i would like this thread to appeal to everyone, so,
Stefan or Damon Salvatore?
if you're not gay, play the game, let's say to had to.
me? Smolderholder as i've always been envious of Rob Lowe's looks.
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