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funny quotes seen in chat
<MHC> <Mp3><[THC]Russianbear> do you know adresses of popular dc hubs of New York or other cities of America???
<Light-Angel@laptop> no sorry
<MHC> <Mp3><[THC]Russianbear> MHC: ?
<Light-Angel@laptop> mutli hub chat
<Light-Angel@laptop> links loads of hubs together
<MHC> <Mp3><[THC]Russianbear> adress please=)
<Light-Angel@laptop> it isnt a hub it just links hubs for chat
<Queroni> so you can see that a certain person might or not be in the same hub as yourself
<MHC> <Mp3><[THC]Russianbear> MHC: u r speaking with me?
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[20101201 - 14:56:53] <iceman50> my body says go to sleep while my mind is saying, pfft fuck that let's stay up
[20101201 - 14:57:24] <Light-Angel@laptop> kick them both
[20101201 - 14:58:00] <iceman50> lol
[20101201 - 14:58:14] <iceman50> !kick body
[20101201 - 14:58:18] <iceman50> nope dont work ;P
[20101201 - 14:58:44] <Light-Angel@laptop> !kick iceman50-body
[20101201 - 14:58:54] <Light-Angel@laptop> nope it failed
[20101201 - 14:59:13] <iceman50> :p
[20101201 - 14:59:19] <iceman50> foot not long enough ? :p
[20101201 - 15:00:25] <Light-Angel@laptop>

!kick iceman50-mind

**working working**


format recomended
[20101201 - 15:00:46] <iceman50> low-level format***
[20101201 - 15:00:57] <iceman50> chkbrain /F
[20101201 - 15:01:20] <Light-Angel@laptop> *******************************************Fail********************************************************
[20101201 - 15:03:03] <iceman50>
A Problem has been detected in inner lobe of your brain

[20101201 - 15:03:38] <Light-Angel@laptop> rofl
[20101201 - 15:03:59] <iceman50> BufferOverflow
[20101201 - 15:04:08] <iceman50> oh noes im craaaaassshhhiinnngggg
[20101201 - 15:04:13] <Light-Angel@laptop> turn it off and on agen
[20101201 - 15:04:29] <iceman50> System Halt! going down for reboot
[20101201 - 15:04:39] <iceman50> Kernel Panic!!!
[20101201 - 15:04:48] <iceman50> SEGFAULT SEGFAULT
[20101201 - 15:05:09] <iceman50> HumanFS has detected corrupted file indexes
[20101201 - 15:05:37] <iceman50> Attempting to repair .... repair failed, please format and reinstall
[20101201 - 15:05:52] <Light-Angel@laptop> well ya fucked then
[20101201 - 15:06:38] <iceman50> insert 3.5" floppy to flash BIOS
[20101201 - 15:06:41] <iceman50> <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt="Tongue" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
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thank god i have a dual boot :p

Signing of iceman50 DiCe!++ Creator || CrZDC++ Co-Dev
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[20:19:45] <[DEV]Curse> microsoft rules
[20:23:48] <[DEV]Light-Angel> he he he
[20:34:28] <[DEV]Iceman50> omg
[20:34:32] <[DEV]Iceman50> did curse just say what i think he said
[20:34:42] <[DEV]Curse> aye
[20:34:54] <[DEV]Iceman50> holy shit i think i crapped a gold bar
[20:35:40] <[DEV]Light-Angel> lol
[20:38:21] <[DEV]Iceman50> hot damn
[20:42:39] <[DEV]Light-Angel> can ya shit another one i wouldnt mind a gold bar
[20:42:50] <[DEV]Curse> me neither
[20:42:56] <[DEV]Iceman50> just have curse say the magic words <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt="Tongue" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
[20:43:18] <[DEV]Curse> microsoft rules
[20:43:20] <[DEV]Curse> microsoft rules
[20:43:21] <[DEV]Curse> microsoft rules
[20:43:22] <[DEV]Curse> microsoft rules
[20:43:24] <[DEV]Curse> lol
[20:43:38] <[DEV]Light-Angel> yay were rich
[20:44:24] <[DEV]Iceman50> nope
[20:44:27] <[DEV]Iceman50> only copper bars now
[20:44:33] <[DEV]Iceman50> i guess it lost its shock effect <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt="Tongue" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
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[10:13:02] <TheRiddle> Im now god,,full of knowledge ask me anything ,,
[10:13:09] <TheRiddle> i know anythings
[10:13:43] <Blackie> =)
[10:14:03] <TheRiddle> ask me whats 1+1 is i can now answer that hard question
[10:14:19] <TheRiddle> <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->
[10:15:59] <Light-Angel> what will the lotto numbers be for today?
[10:16:05] <TheRiddle> its 3 just as u know,,, and if anybody has thought about that answer then remember ,,im god,, i am never wrong
[10:17:38] <TheRiddle> 1234567 and if anything else comming upp at the lottery is humans that has intervined and tricked with the game,, tell them 1234567 is the right number and u want your money and say that god told you so
[10:18:20] <Light-Angel> rofl
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15:18 Witzmaster says: Dick is gonna bite it i love Dick

Signing of Psilo [Image: NeUXY-2.jpg]
٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
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[2015/06/21 13:14:55] <[FHO]G€r> Jesus comes soon Wink
[2015/06/21 13:33:40] <FlexBot> nice, just make sure he uses Apex 1.6.0 so he can benefit of the most recent features
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[21:04:16] <MHC> <CrZ>< PTB> yawns
[21:08:58] <[Gangrel]Zasz> *yawns louder*
[21:12:58] <[Gangrel]Zasz> damnit, you made me yawn too
[21:24:37] <MHC> <CrZ>< PTB> hehe
[21:25:44] <[Ventrue]PTB> ***Pokes [Gangrel]Zasz
[21:30:59] <[Gangrel]Zasz> ow!
[21:36:16] <[Gangrel]Zasz> erm, yeah... Brainstorm - Amarillo [ 0:00:01 of 0:03:18 ]
[21:41:57] <[Ventrue]PTB> ok its bad when both me and LA thinks we are bored and then we finds a project.... =P
[21:42:18] <[Gangrel]Zasz> heh
[21:42:23] <[Gangrel]Zasz> what did you find?
[21:44:13] <[Ventrue]PTB> its our lill dirty secret
[21:44:20] <[Gangrel]Zasz> i see
[21:44:27] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> thats what all the men say i am lol
[21:44:33] <[Ventrue]PTB> thou ppl will enjoy it
[21:44:45] <[Ventrue]PTB> "it"
[21:44:51] <[Gangrel]Zasz> you're just saying that to make me more curious
[21:45:08] <[Ventrue]PTB> well that might be true =P
[21:45:19] <[Ventrue]PTB> or it can be this big sausage beside me
[21:45:37] <[Gangrel]Zasz> so much inuendo
[21:46:03] <[Malkavian]Witzmaster> Zasz is a project now help him get a woman
[21:46:03] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> ive got a bun for that BIG sausage
[21:46:13] <[Ventrue]PTB> well i do blaim LA he made me hungry and craweing for bacon
[21:46:44] <[Malkavian]Witzmaster> i have chips
[21:47:01] <[Gangrel]Zasz> i ate strawberries earlier
[21:47:06] <[Ventrue]PTB> i prob should go back to working
[21:47:21] <[Ventrue]PTB> or well perhaps not lol
[21:47:55] <MHC> <CrZ>< 4uvak91> any1 on win10 already?
[21:48:17] <[Gangrel]Zasz> not me
[21:48:20] <[Ventrue]PTB> well im sittin here with 2 laptops rdy for it to get released
[21:48:21] <[Malkavian]Witzmaster> i use win nine
[21:48:34] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> not yet but im waiting to get the big download into my box soon i hope
[21:48:38] <[Gangrel]Zasz> i bet Witz uses Win95
[21:48:38] <[Malkavian]Witzmaster> should i upgrade from win 7? i like it more than 8
[21:48:41] <[Ventrue]PTB> but i think i might go with win 3.11 instead.
[21:48:41] <MHC> <CrZ>< 4uvak91> oh damn son, it's fake
[21:49:10] <[Ventrue]PTB> but LA can your box handle the download speeds then eh
[21:49:10] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> whats fake?
[21:49:15] <MHC> <CrZ>< 4uvak91> need to go to sleep W10 today i think
[21:49:38] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> i love high speeds into my box
[21:49:59] <[Ventrue]PTB> well you do have a broad download source
[21:50:20] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> the bigger the better
[21:51:51] <[Gangrel]Zasz> o.O
[21:53:10] <[Malkavian]Witzmaster> so for how long have you two been cybering?
[21:53:24] <[Ventrue]PTB> erm today not that long
[21:53:27] <MHC> <VpC>< Light-Angel> for the last few months
[21:53:38] <[Ventrue]PTB> only bout 1 hour... =P
[21:53:56] <MHC> <CrZ>< 4uvak91> cybering?
[21:53:59] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> LOL
[21:54:00] <[Ventrue]PTB> it normaly takes atleast 4-5..
[21:54:12] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> today its been 1hr and 7 mins
[21:54:17] <[Gangrel]Zasz> critical inuendo overload!
[21:54:21] <[Ventrue]PTB> and still going strong
[21:54:30] <[Gangrel]Zasz> *head implodes*
[21:54:35] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> strong and hard
[21:54:35] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> LA step away from the witz
[21:54:41] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> hahaha
[21:54:52] <[Ventrue]PTB> ey leave my LA alone
[21:55:37] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> erm
[21:55:38] <[Malkavian]Witzmaster> well i was only thinking LA do you and your bf wanna adapt a son? i am only highmaintenance in money
[21:55:40] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> *sits on PTB's lap and talks about the first thing whats alreafy up*
[21:55:44] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> haha
[21:56:06] <[Ventrue]PTB> strokes LA and thinks long and hard about our project
[21:56:15] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> na i have anouth with PTB and my cat lol
[21:56:31] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> *opens mouth*
[21:56:33] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> I rent out scaffolding btw!!
[21:56:47] <[Ventrue]PTB> oo can i borrow a few peices ? =)
[21:57:14] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> what so you dont full in?
[21:57:17] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> borrow fi like $20 per pipe
[21:57:44] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> per day sure
[21:57:46] <[Ventrue]PTB> outch ill go to hte next corner then your ways to expensive for me!
[21:57:51] <[Gangrel]Zasz> erm, yeah... Various Artists - Helan-Går-A-Katt [ 0:00:02 of 0:00:32 ]
[21:58:18] <[Toreador]Light-Angel> *bounces up and down to the music*
[21:58:33] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> I do not ply my trade on a corner LOL
[21:58:37] <[Ventrue]PTB> offers a towl after all that hard workout to the music
[21:58:44] <[Gangrel]Zasz> erm, yeah... Dethklok - The Hammer [ 0:00:04 of 0:04:28 ]
[21:58:58] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> zasz may
[21:59:02] <[Ventrue]PTB> oo thanks [Gangrel]Zasz perfect tune for LA
[21:59:14] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> haha
[21:59:24] <[Gangrel]Zasz> i ply my trade out of the cornerws
[21:59:49] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> no comment
[21:59:52] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> Wink
[21:59:56] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> LOOOOOOOL
[22:00:02] <[Ventrue]PTB> [Gangrel]Zasz wanna join in then ? =P from the corner that is
[22:00:13] <[Ventrue]PTB> can be an intresting angle for the project
[22:00:33] <[Gangrel]Zasz> am scared now
[22:00:36] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> zasz Necromancing?
[22:00:41] <MHC> <CrZ>< MØØW‡ÑÐ> or,,
[22:01:07] <[Gangrel]Zasz> just remember, you can't spell "necromancer" without "romance"
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20:48:59 TK: "Lube Manager"...i want that on my business card.
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