CD-images and movies
How can I burn a .*** file?
Movies slow down my Windows XP:, what do i do?
The thumbnailing feature of the Windows XP tries to open all movies simultaniously. This is of course a very heavy, slow and stupid task if many files are involved. You can disable the feature by altering the following registry keys:
* Find branch HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.avi\shellex\PropertyHandler from the registry tree
* Delete the key "Default", it has value of "{87D62D94-71B3-4b9a-9489-5FE6850DC73E}"
Apart from this, handling (moving, deleting) large movie files can still be slow in some cases. As first aid, do not commence your operations immediately: after first clicking the file, wait for a second or two and give your commands only after that.
The sound or the image of a movie file doesn't play properly.
Common solutions:
  • Try another player.
  • Get the missing codecs, (Nemo pack is a good collection and the AC3 sound codec missing from it can be found here. XviD also needs updating after Nemo is installed).
  • Update codecs to newer versions... (DivX or install any DVD player if you are trying to watch mpeg files)
    ...and naturally, if your version is the newest one available, try some older version
  • Remove all codecs and start troubleshooting from the beginning
How do I enable external subtitles?
  • Apart from the movie, you also need a subtitle file for it.
  • The subtitles should be either in format .txt, .srt or .sub, the bitmap subtitles (.sub) created by EasyDivX aren't supported by all programs.
  • The movie and the subtitle file should have matching names and be in same directory. For example, flick.avi and
  • The most popular programs that support subtitles by default are BSPlayer and MicroDVD.
  1. Find, download, install and run BSPlayer.
  2. Open the movie (Open... with right mouse button) or press L.
  3. If subtitles are in same folder with same name, you should see the text "Subtitles: Yes".
  4. If the text did not show up, right-click the mouse in panel window and choose "Load subtitles...".
  5. Right-click the mouse in movie window and check the "Subtitles" menu.
  6. Check that "Show subtitles" is checked.
  7. Go to menu "Font", choose nice font and size and check that subtitle color is white.
  8. BSPlayer needs sometimes little tweaking with text placement and rewind/fodward buttons, but those should show up anyway.
  1. Get Micro DVD Player (mdvdp12.exe)
  2. Install it and run
  3. Press M button show there should read -dvd in top left, and F button next to it so that there reads -dvd quickini- in the left
  4. Then the hardest part, getting the "options" button to show up from the front panel... :D in the middle of the screen is -panel- which turns when clicking from it right side...
  5. When panel is turned, click options button in lower right and switch to subtitles tab... uncheck -use transprent subtitles-...
  6. Then open the movie from the button on the right... choose first movie file (avi, mpg ...), next sound file (if needed, otherwise press cancel) and lastly subtitle file (micro dvd player should detect all kind of subtitle files)
  7. Check that there reads white -sub- text in bottom left. If you cant see that and subtitles are installed, press -choose subtitle- next to options button or press U
  8. Enjoy the movie with subtitles
Where can I find subtitles?
Movie and subtitles are out of sync, what to do?
There are many applications that you can use to adjust the framerate (pictures showed per second), the handiest might again be Time Adjuster.
  1. Open the subtitle file in Time Adjuster.
  2. Choose File>Synchronize.
  3. Choose from the upper menu "First 50% of file" and take some random line of text from the beginning of the movie.
  4. Press the "Or use AVI player to point me that line"-button from the upper menu.
  5. Press the Open-button and choose the movie that the subtitle file is associated with.
  6. Rewind the movie to the spot where the chosen line of text SHOULD be and press the "Line below is playing NOW !" -button as precisely as possible.
  7. Press Ok if you managed to click satisfyingly, press Cancel if you would like to try again (for example with some other line of text).
  8. Choose from the lower menu "Last 50% of file" and some suitable line of text from the ending half of the movie.
  9. Press from the lower menu the "Or use AVI player to point me that line" -button.
  10. Repeat phases 5-7 with the line from the ending half.
  11. Save the subtitle file.
  12. Enjoy the movie.
How can I watch unfinished movies?
Just get an app called VLC. It can open unfinished video-downloads and play them.
How can I make MPEG of DivX movies myself?
For detailed guides for these kind of operations, please visit Doom9 or AfterDawn.