Frequently Asked Question on Asgard
This support page is supposed to help you users with your questions and hopefully lessen the amount of work the Ops (Operators) have to do. The fact of the matter is that while a user asks a question once (or more if no one answers or the user is thick) we who help them unfortunately hear the same questions over and over and over. This causes us to be snippy, sarcastic (ok we are at anyhow) and sometimes we get tired of helping people - which is a shame.
Anyhow, this guide will focus on the most commonly asked questions and will be for DC++ which most people use. So if you use another client, tough... nah hopefully the tips themselves will be for all the clients just that the directions might be a bit off.
So if you feel a bit n00by and/or want some general information, read the first section.
If you are looking for something, files or information, read the second one.
If you want to know about Passive and Active Mode, read the third part.
Fourth is for those who want to get registered in the hub and,
The fifth is for those who are interested in the rules (oh so few, so very few).
Sixth chapter is just for people who want to install a game they have downloaded and are having some difficulties getting that far (And it's also for those having troubles with Images in general).
Unfortunately not a FAQ, the Seventh is still important. How do you move away from M$ products which at best are bad, and at worst gaping holes leaving you confused, cold and alone. M$ is trying to take over not only all computers with Windows, but the internet with Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Outlook etc. Learn how to give the Empire the finger, in an easy and safe fashion.
Updated: 06/06-05
Table of Contents
1 Commands and general DC++ information
a What is Main? And what is the User list?
b How do I get the commands for this hub?
c Some of the DC++ commands.
d What do the little colour things mean on the User list to the right?
e What is the thing and What is the thing and etc etc?
f Why do some people have strange things like [BBB] or [512] in their nicks?
g By the way, what the hell are ADL Search and Search Spy??
h How do I add additional sources to a download?
i What is TTH?
j When I search it sometimes start downloading a lot of File Lists, how do I make it stop?
k Why is my download speed so horrible?
2 I am looking for...
a Y file(s)
b X information
c A good Hub List.
d I have tried using search and I get no results no matter what I look for? And/or I cannot get File Lists from anyone
e I have thoroughly searched high a low for this file(s) what do I do?
f The Asgard Homepage (to complain or to make a suggestion).
g The CuRZed Homepage.
h A good Firewall?
i A good Antivirus Program?
j A good program to create/burn/mount images?
A good browser?
A good video player?
3 Passive Mode VS Active Mode (Firewalls/Routers)
a What are Active and Passive Mode and what is the difference between them?
b How do I go from Passive to Active Mode? (Getting Active Mode to work with Firewall/Router)
c How do I turn off my silly M$ Windows XP firewall?
4 I want to get registered in this hub...
5 I got a question about the rules of the hub.
a Where and what are those lovely rules I hear so much about?
b Why do we have to speak English in main???
c Why can't I spam my hub address or other ads in main?
d Is it really a big deal if I share unfinished/installed etc files?
e My ISP is evil and I need to limit a bit for my internet to work.
f What is the share limit, hub max and slot ratio?
g I think one rule or more are unfair, what do I do to get it/them changed?
6 I am trying to install this game and I have some problems. (Images)
a When I look at files I don't see the file extensions (for example Dark City.avi)
b I downloaded a game/movie and it's a bunch .rar .001 or .r01 or something
c I got this game (or something) and its an image (.bin,.iso, .mdr or something) what do I do with it now? (What is mounting and how do I do it?)
d Ok, I installed the game and it wants the original CD?
7 I want to help in the fight against the evil M$ empire and its spawn Windows, what can I do?
a I really can't stand this crap anymore, where can I get Linux and help using it?
b I don't want to go through the hassle of changing OS; is there a middle road?
c What about Macintosh?
Commands and general DC++ information

What is Main? And what is the User list?

The Main is the hub window. You see a chat where people are often talking and a User list to the right. It is in the Main Chat you write the commands (even if you can use many of them in PMs [Private Messages] as well). It will be mentioned a lot so, therefore it's good to know what it is.
Anyhow, User List is on the right which you can turn on and off by checking and unchecking the box under it. Next to the box you see how many people are in the hub at the moment and how much their combined share is. By right-clicking on people on the list you get a menu with different options. You can for example get people's file lists so you can check their shares (it is naturally easier to use search, but sometimes you will most likely want to check someone's whole share as well).
You can also use the menu to send PMs so you can talk to people one on one. If you choose Match Queue, DC++ will download the person's File List and will look through it for any files that you have in your Download Queue, (that is to say the files you have Queued to be downloaded) and if that person has any such file, s/he will be added as an alternative source.
Finally you can Grant Extra slots to someone you wish to have one and add them as a favourite user (which list you can access on View->Favourite Users and by checking the box there the user will always be granted an extra slot). Refreshing the user list and copying nick to clipboard should be fairly self-explanatory.

How do I get the commands for this hub?

This varies from hub to hub, Curzed for example uses +help (type in main), but some got !help, !commands, +commands, !command or +command

Some of the DC++ commands.

Just going to bring up the most important commands to be typed in main:
/refresh (your file list will be updated in case you have added/moved/deleted any files in/from it)
/fav (will add the hub, which hubwindow you typed the command in, to your favourite hubs list [accessed through view->favourite hubs] with all available info. Remember that unless you uncheck the box on the favourite hub list next to the hub, every time you open DC++ it will connect to the hub. So if you don't want it to, uncheck the box.)
+rules [in some hubs its !rules] (will give you the rules of the hub. You should read them when you enter a new hub and make sure you follow the rules. Breaking them will most likely end up in a kick or even a ban. Read Them)
+hubs (get a list of the hubs in the Asgard Network)
Ctrl+s (The search window will appear where you can search the entire hub(s)'s content. Who-pee)

If you want more commands, check the ReadMe file at Help-menu->Readme.

What do the little colour things mean on the User list to the right?

Had you read the DC++ ReadMe file you would know this:
green = normal Icon
blue = DC++ user (identified on 1st direct connection to this user)
with bricks = User is in passive mode
with key = User is an Operator
Don't you feel silly now? ;)
Of course the brick thing is not always reliable, so to get a really reliable read, scroll the User List to the right and look at the tag. M:P means passive and M:A means active. To find out what that means, go look at question 3a of this guide.


What is the thing and etc etc?

MHC = Multi Hub Chat. The Asgard Network has several hubs which have their mainchats connected. The just tells you which hub the person talking is in. The last part is the actual nick.


Why do some people have strange things like [BBB] or [512] in their nicks?

Yes this can be quite confusing. This habit is both a mix of people trying to nice and some hubs enforcing a tag (not to be confused with the tag on the user list which gives information about the client) such as this. It is also know as prefix (when its in front of the nick) or suffix (when its behind the nick). The idea is then that you put your ISP such as BBB, which is a Swedish ISP, or your connection speed like 1mbit or 512kb etc in brackets to give downloaders a good idea of what speed to expect. Of course this often doesn't work since people use other programs on the side, have way too many slots, people fake their tag, people who put numbers usually specify the DL speed and not the UL speed making it completely worthless to you and of course the fact that most people are just confused in general. And of course some people don't put their ISP there but their country... like [FIN] for Finland etc which adds to the confusion.

So, what can we really get out of all this? Don't call people by what is inside the brackets [] whatever it is... people can get quite miffed at being called by their ISP for example.

By the way, what the hell are ADL Search and Search Spy??

Two fairly useless tools really. To use ADL Search you just specify a file name and if that name is in part of any file in a File List you download the files will be put in a special folder which you can specify the name for. Good if you are an OP and look through a whole lot of file lists, but otherwise it's fairly useless In My Opinion.
Search Spy is even more worthless really. It tells you what other people have been searching for and how many, which I suppose can give you inspiration on what to download... but generally it as far as I know only put an unnecessary stress on the hub for questionable gains.


How do I add additional sources to a download?
>br> Most of the time when you download you don't want to have a single source for a file (will take longer to get a slot and if that person leaves you are screwed... well you need to wait for him/her to return anyhow). Luckily there are ways to add more than one person to a download.
First when you have added a file to your DLQ (Download Queue, accessed on View->Download Queue) you can right-click on it and choose “Search for alternates” or in the more recent versions “Search by TTH”. A search window will appear and give you the alternatives if there are any in the hubs you are in.
Second, it does not matter if you searched for alternatives or used a normal search you can add more sources by right-clicking on any file you want to add and choose “Download to...” then picking the one you have already selected (for example, if you're downloading Jesus.mp3 and then you add the file called Jesus(1).mpg as a source as well by right-clicking on it and choosing “Download to...”)

What is TTH?

Tiger Tree Hashing or TTH is used to verify the integrity of large chunks of data. The data is split into small pieces which are individually hashed, then hashed together until one, root hash is formed. A TTH hash looks something like: UXNWMYERN37HJNXB7V6KDJKZXMFBIQAGMDMYDBY. Detailed information can be found here. DC++ 0.400 introduced mandatory TTH. Once DC++ hashes all of your share (yes this will take a while) it will only hash new files. The hashing thread in DC++ is set to low priority, so it shouldn't interfere too badly. There are several benefits of file hashing:

No longer does one need to pay attention to the name of the file when looking for alternative sources. If the files are the same, they will have the same hash and thus be chosen as an alternative source.

About magnet links:

Magnet links are simple references to a certain file containing a filename and some sort of hash.
They can look like this:
To use a magnet link for DC++ it must contain a TTH value, kazaa and most other P2P programs use other kinds of hashing.
To create a magnet link, open a filelist, right click on a certain file and select "copy magnet link to clipboard".
It can then be posted in the main chat so people easily can find it, or posted on the web.

When a magnet link is clicked on, either on the web or within DC++ it is recognized (assuming it has a TTH) and the user gets the question if it should be searched for.
DC++ 0.4032 or newer is needed to use magnet links.
More documentation here:

Multi-source downloading.

While it is currently not implemented, now there is a safe way to implement downloading files from multiple sources. All clients at this point have been implementing multi-source downloading in cowboy fashion. They do not verify the files are the same (except for the size and partial name) which does result in corrupt files. A file hash ensures the files are identical.

Search Smart, Search TTH!

TTH is excellent for optimizing the amount of sources you have for your download (especially with segmented download capable clients like StrongDC and Valknut. If I dont know the TTH before I start the download (you can use magnet links or sites like and to get them) by searching commonly for the file. For example, if I need Stargate Atlantis 1x15 I search "atlantis 1x15", find the version with the most common TTH and download that. Close the search panel down and open Download Queue. Select your download and use "Search by TTH" the search should then find all the sources of your episode even if they are named something silly or have a typo in them.

When I search it sometimes start downloading a lot of File Lists, how do I make it stop?

There is an option on advanced settings (File->Settings/Advanced) which is called “Automatically match queue for auto search hits”, uncheck it and it will stop.
What it does is, when it finds alternative sources for files in the DLQ with search, it downloads that person's or persons' file lists and uses match queue on them (if it finds more stuff in their file lists which you got in the DLQ this person is also added as an alternative source for these files as well).

Why is my download speed so horrible?

There can be several reasons for downloads being slow:
1.) Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) sucks. It gives you so little Download speed that it doesn't matter who you download from, it will still suck. Solution: Change ISP.
2.) Your Uploads are limiting your Download. Some connections cannot take it when you use all of your UL and will limit your DL when that happens. Solutions: a) Change Connection/ISP b) limit your UL (you are allowed to limit to some degree in CuRZed and Sci-Fi Dreams for example, consult local hub rules in every and each hub you intend to stay while limiting) c) check the option on File->Settings/Advanced called “Use Small Send Buffer”.
3.) More often than not it's the person you are downloading from who's the problem. ISPs in general give much more DL than UL so it's very likely that the person who you are downloading from has a bad UL. Or the person could be limiting the UL (which is allowed in some hubs, but not all, read the rules) and/or using programs on the side as well as having too many slots open for their connection type. Solution: Look for other sources.
If you suspect the person is limiting too much, don't be afraid to report him/her. Just remember to read the rules first to know if they are actually breaking them.
4.) Could of course be that while both your connections are fine, they are not very compatible... maybe due to being routed through 758 different servers or something. You get better speed from someone who has the same ISP for example.

I am looking for...

I am looking for Y file(s)

Before asking in main use the search: View->Search, Ctrl+s or the little magnifying glass at the top of the program window (Not the search Spy or ADL Search magnifying glasses).
And seriously, if you ask where to download a program on a program like DC++ you deserve to be ridiculed


I am looking for X information
It is amazing how much information you can find on google or another search engine. Try them first and if you STILL can't find what you are looking for, or want to ask about a good (an opinion that is) movie/program etc, then ask in main. Or use the network forum, that's what it's there for.

I am looking for a good Hub List

Type +hubs in main to get the Asgard Network Hub List... it is really all you need. But if you for some strange reason really really really need a hub outside the Asgard Network, here are some:;;;;

(copy them all)
If one doesn't work, simply press refresh on the View->Public Hubs page and it will go to the next one. (If you did not know, you put the Hub List(s) in “Public Hub list URL” on File->Settings/Downloads


I have tried using search and I get no results no matter what I look for? And/or I cannot get File Lists from anyone.

If you cannot get any search results on anything (Queen, Buffy, Stargate or Star Trek etc.) and/or cannot get file lists from anyone, it is most likely because of your Firewall and/or Router. You need to configure them so that it allows DC++ access to both TCP and UDP on the same port, if you want to stay in active mode (and you do). Read chapter 3 of this guide to find out what Active and Passive Mode mean and how to configure your firewall and/or router to stay in active mode.


I have thoroughly searched high and low for this file(s) what do I do?

Well if you cannot find a file anywhere, you might consider going to our forum and request the file. Perhaps someone got it on CD somewhere and is willing to share it just for you... it has happened ;) just go to: and post it on “Series Discussion & Requests”. You just might get lucky.


The Asgard Homepage (to complain or to make a suggestion).

The Asgard Hompage address is as follows - it is there we have the forums, where you can complain about a kick/ban you consider unfair, make suggestions, request stuff and discuss basically everything. Also check for these guides (hey, congrats, you found it!) and the extensive Magnet Link database under "tv-series".


The CuRZed Homepage

The CuRZed Hub has it's own Homepage at - Lot of nice stuff there like slight info on the OPs, stats for the CuRZed chat in main and a support page. Goodie Goodies.

Ok, some of you paranoid people (and those who got people after them) need a good firewall... so here are some examples:

Kerio -
Pro: It's free (Firewall, Web-filter stuff isn't though but you don't need that stuff)
It's not paranoid (like Norton and Crapaffee that tells you you're being attacked when your ISP probing you)

Outpost -
Pro: It does exactly what you tell it to do.
It can be easy to use (And also, if you want to, you can go to the degree of saying I want to allow this IP or Domain Name to access my computer on port 777 TCP only when it originates from port 9378. You can also specify all those rules for one particular application and when the application isn't running the ports are closed.)
Con: Version 1 is free while 2 and 2.5 you have to pay for or hack. (You should not use a hacked client though. Ever. Why? Because if the hack messes with the code, it can damage part of the program, and if it realizes it has been hacked, it might shut down. And a damaged or shut down defense is pretty worthless.

Sygate -
Pro: Has a free version.
It has a similar feel to ZoneAlarm for less advanced users, but seems to perform better with file sharing clients. Even the free version offers options to impose blocks on an individual IP or range of IPs for greater control, so if you know what you're doing it is far more powerful than a lot of the free firewalls.

A good Antivirus Program?

AvG -
Pro: It's free.
AVG is a basic but effective virus scanner, can perform daily sweeps and automatically updates the program and virus identity database.

Avast -
Pro: It's free (You can order a free serial on the site)
It won the 100% award more times than Crapaffee and Norton
Very easy on your resources (None of that fancy useless stuff the two giants have)

Pandas are funny -
Pro: Yet to Come
Con: Yet to Come

A good program to create/burn/mount images?

Alcohol 120% - its only drawback is that you have to either buy it or use a serial.

A good browser?

So you have realised what an awful browser IE (internet explorer) really is? Congratulations you are one step closer to being able to visit the internet without being infected with crap.
Here are some examples of alternative browsers:

Firefox -
Pro: It's free.
It's fast secure and Up-to-date. It has a built-in popup blocker and ad-filter. It is also easily extensible: Click here (guide on how to do that).
It also has a very cute fox logo.
It is very easy to import bookmarks from other inferior browsers.
Con: Ehm, it's too good?

Opera -
Pro: Inbuilt popup killer and mail checker as well as other nice things such as multi-windows.
Con: There is a free version, but it doesn't have the popup-killer and it's got annoying banners. So buy it or cheat it into thinking you did (easy to do with a key-generator though).
Due to it's many nice functions it tends to get quite cumbersome at times and really starts to eat Virtual Memory.


So why is IE so bad then?

Well, as most M$ things it's by nature insecure and the fact that it is used by everyone is its only strength but also its biggest weakness. Wherever you go you can use IE, but this also means nearly all browser viruses and spyware is specialized on this one browser. So by using another browser you not only get better functions, but you can feel more relaxed about using the Internet.
If you for some reason have to use IE, get Ad-Aware @ (get the freeware one)

A good video player?

First, some players to avoid: all Windows Media Players after 6.4 (it is in your computer if you use windows, just use Start->Run and type mplayer2), DivX player and RealOne (Realplayer).

Good stuff to go with the video players:

Gspot -
Can tell you what codec you need to play a video file.

Defilerpak -
One of the few really clean codec packs.

Good video-players:

Zoomplayer -
Pro: The standard version is free. Pro version is if you want it as a DVDplayer and then it's easy to cheat.
It's simple even if you gotta configure it a bit to make it really good.
It's wonderful as a main player.
Con: The many settings can seem intimidating to a newbie, but it can also make it really great, enabling you to really configuring it the way you want.
To make it work really well you need to install extra codec or just get Defilerpak one of the few clean codec packs.

MPlayer -
Pro: It's free.
Originally for Linux, it is now also multiplatform. Whoo-pee.
It plays pretty much everything without needing extra codecs. If you can't play a video file with MPlayer and/or VLC you might as well delete it.
Excellent as main player or backup player.
Con: The windows version does not have a GUI, although that doesn't really matter that much. Got a bunch of keyboard commands which are easy to learn.

Pro: It's free.
It plays everything that is not corrupted and uses inbuilt codecs. If you can't play a video file with MPlayer and/or VLC you might as well delete it.
Con: The forwarding function is a bit annoying and the fullscreen hides the pause button etc making it a bit annoying to use. It is therefore much better as a backup player in my opinion.

Passive Mode VS Active Mode (Firewalls/Routers)

What are Active and Passive Modes and what is the difference between them?

Ok, the question on everyone's lips, what are Active and Passive Mode really and which one is the best? Well, Active mode is the default one when everything which enables you to do everything the program has to offer. Why would anyone need another mode then?
Well some people have firewalls and/or routers (Remember that XP got a default firewall) and:
(1) among them there are people who either do not know they can configure the firewall/router,
(2) some who for some reason cannot configure them (they are not admin for example and the admin frowns on sharing programs like DC++ etc).
(3) Some people got ISPs (internet service providers) which are slightly more evil than the rest of them.
So, what is so bad about Passive mode then? Well, passive users cannot download from other passive users and they put a heavier load on the hub they are in, than active users do. This means that some hubs don't allow passive users at all and some like CuRZed demand something extra (3GB minimum share for active users in CuRZed and 30 GB for passive users).
So even if you get into the hub, you still get severely limited searches compared to active users. Bummer.
Oh and the SOCKS5 thing, if you don't know what it is, don't touch it - and if you do know what it is, you most likely don't need my help


How do I go from Passive to Active Mode? (Getting Active Mode to work with Firewall/Router)

Ok, so if Passive mode sucks, how do you get Active Mode to work when you are behind a firewall/router? Well here are some very nice guides on how to achieve this:

Doing this you will most likely need to find out what your current IP number is. Some hubs such as CuRZed got a +myip command for this... but wherever you go, you can always use
Of course if nothing works you might have to stay in Passive Mode. It's a bad solution, but it's a solution. Finding some stuff is better than finding nothing at all.


How do I turn off my silly M$ Windows XP firewall?

SP1: Start->Settings/Network Connections
There you right-click on Local Area Connection and choose Preferences/Advanced
Uncheck “Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the internet” option.
Of course you could configure it, but most people would tell you to get a good firewall instead.

SP2: Check the Security Center in Control Panel.

I want to get registered in this hub...

I want to get registered in this hub...

The CuRZed hub does not really support registering at the moment, except for VIPs and OPs. If you got a really good reason for wanting to get registered in CuRZed you can ask the HO Curse very politely and hope for the best.
Other hubs sometimes have a registering option which you can use yourself. If they do you can usually find the command among the others (usually +help or !help to get the commands). Check if the hub got this option before you start spamming what password you wanna use in main... people _will_ laugh at you.

I got a question about the rules of the hub.

Where and what are those lovely rules I hear so much about?

Type +rules in main and find out just how many rules you are breaking right now. ;)

Why do we have to speak English in main???

While several of the Asgard Hubs are located in Sweden, the Network itself is international - and like it or not, English is the international language at the moment. To make sure that everyone can understand each other the Hub Owners (at least those in the MHC [multi hub chat] part of Asgard) have agreed on English as the language to be used. It does not matter if 5 Italians are in main at one moment and want to speak Italian, or 3 Swedes want to speak in Swedish, you are only allowed to do so in PMs.
We try to create an environment where anyone can join the chat, and to enable the biggest number of people to do that... we have chosen English and only English. Feel free to dislike this rule; you may even speak out against it as long as you do it in English.


Why can't I spam my hub address or other ads in main?

No hub addresses (except for Asgard hubs) may be posted in main. (You are allowed to help someone else to find a file by doing this in PM, but you are naturally not allowed to start mass messaging hub addresses in PMs). We don't want you to advertise for us in other hubs either, this will just cause us problems with other networks - problems we don't need.
When it comes to other ads... well it's a matter of judgement, both yours and the OP's. Posting links with hub addresses outside of the Asgard network or with links to faker clients will get you banned. You should try to avoid posting porn links, because we do have younger members around and some hubs in the MHC are essentially porn-free, which means posting porn links in main is inappropriate. Basically think before you post links, and if in doubt ask.
Now if you want to share something really funny or someone is asking for a particular site they want and can't find you can usually just post the link without worrying. You are only trying to help after all.
Think and if in doubt, ask.


Is it really a big deal if I share unfinished/installed etc. files?

We get why people who share more than the limit even without these files do not really think it's a big deal if they share them, but these files are worthless. Also if you share more than the limit you got an even worse reason for sharing them at all. All they do is annoy people who download them only to find them incomplete or get their searches filled with incomplete files.
Don't share them and make everyone happy.
Also, downloading straight into a shared folder is pretty bad, because you should always check your downloaded file before sharing it, in case it's badly named or something.

My ISP is evil and I need to limit a bit for my internet to work.

Well if you had read the rules you would know that both Sci-Fi Dreams and Curzed allow you to limit a bit. 20 kB/s for CuRZed and 15 kB/s for Sci-Fi Dreams. Btw, you are not alone, all ISPs are evil, some are just more evil than others.
Other hubs have their own rules, and if a number is not specified in the rules limiting is most likely frowned upon... ask an OP to be sure.


What is the share limit, hub max and slot ratio?

Type +rules to read the rules. Remember to try and keep a nice slot ratio. Some connections cannot take very many slots cause then you give crap speeds to everyone, so you might want to think about lowering your number of hubs and then slots accordingly.


I think one or more of the rules are unfair, what do I need do to get it/them changed?

If you really think one of our rules is wrong for some reason you can always argue for a change. Talk to the Hub Owner and/or post a suggestion in our forum (the particular hubs own forum section is even better). Link to the forum is at the menu bar at the top of this page.

I am trying to install this game and I have some problems. (Disk Images)

When I look at files I don't see the file extensions (for example Dark City.avi)

As default M$ Windows does not show you many file extensions and without having enabled the option so you can see them, the following part of this support guide could be a bit tricky to understand. Ok, so this is how you turn them on:

XP: Go to a folder of your choice and open it. Go to Tools->Folder Options/View
Well there you should see a list and 2 buttons (1.Apply to All Folders 2. Reset all folders)
On Files and Folders/Hidden files and Folders you should see an option called “Hide extensions for known file types”, un-check it and then press the Apply to All Folders button (unless you feel like doing this every time you need to see extensions).
If you can see the extensions on files (filename.extension) after you have pressed apply, Congratulations.

I downloaded a game/movie and it's a bunch .rar .001 or .r01 or something

Most new releases of games (and movies too) are compressed like this. To uncompress them and extract the goodies inside, simply use the program called WinRar. You only need to open the first of the files (usually with .rar extension). WinRar will then automatically scan the folder for the rest, and extract whatever goodies are stored in the file set.

I got this game(or something) and its an image (.bin,.iso, .mdr or something) what do I do with it now? (What is mounting and how do I do it?)

Well one option is to burn the image with Nero or something. However, if you don't want to waste CDs on this or if you just want to check if the image works you can mount it.
So what is mounting? Well, the image is basically a CD/DVD saved to your hard drive, so you need a program to create a virtual CD/DVD Drive. This means that you computer “thinks” that it has a CD/DVD or more that it doesn't actually have. When you mount the file, the program tells the computer that you have put a CD/DVD into the Drive (which doesn't actually exist, shhh don't tell your computer). You can then go to My Computer and see enter the Image in the Virtual Drive (some got autorun, but some don't... just like normal CDs. Remember that to enter them you sometimes has to right-click on the drive and choose Open, otherwise it will just start the autorun and sometimes you want to access the files on the mounted image directly).

Ok great I know what mounting is, so how do I do it?

There are several nice programs out there:
Alcohol 120% - This wonderful program can mount/burn/create images of nearly every sort. The downside is that to get all the functions you either have to buy it or find a serial... but that is not very hard.
(to mount with Alcohol 120%, simply install the program, start it and create a virtual drive either by going to the window to the left (under Options) and using Virtual Drive, changing the number to 1 or more. Or you can right-click on the Virtual CD/DVD-ROM in the bottom right window.)
Daemon Tools - Also nice, but specialized on .bin images (with its friend .cue) but also works with many other filetypes. It's completely free.
(to mount with Daemon Tools, install the program, start it... no window will jump at you, but look in the system tray [bottom corner to the right] and you should see a little icon with lightning on it. Right-click and go to the top of the menu. Choose mount image... rest should be self-explanatory).
Isobuster - Specialized on .iso files.
Isobuster is not actually a virtual drive, but it offers a wide variety of ways to copy and manipulate data inside image files. Also useful for ripping music off of some copy-protected CDs (works well with both image files, and physical CDs/DVDs).

Remember that except for the case of .iso images there is usually a file along with the image itself (.cue for .bin files for example). These are meant to tell the burner what to do when you burn the stuff, but you don't actually need most of the time. When you mount and browse for the .cue file or whatever, simply choose “All files” and then pick the image itself, usually works.

Ok, I installed the game and it wants the original CD?

Well first you check your CDs/DVDs (virtual or physical). Start with CD1 (go to My Computer or the explorer, right-click on the cd/dvd drive and choose Open.) On the CD/DVD you should see a bunch of folders and files and hopefully one folder is named Crack.
If it's there, look at the file there, should have the extension .exe. Look in the game folder (where you installed the game) and look for a file which is identical to the one in the Crack folder and rename it to something... maybe add a (1) to the file name or something (you do this cause it is always good to keep the original .exe file in case you want to patch the game or something). Then you simply copy the .exe file in Crack folder on the CD/DVD to the place in the game folder where you found the original .exe file. Then you run the game, do a little dance and play the game.
If there is no Crack folder or such on any of the CDs/DVDs, try reading whatever ReadMe, .nfo files etc that does not appear to have been put there by the game creators themselves. If they can't help you... try to find your game on or similar site and get a crack from there.

I want to help in the fight against the evil M$ empire and its spawn Windows, what can I do?

I really can't stand this crap anymore, where can I get Linux and help using it?

Linux.Org is good start-up point. Or as good as any I guess. Also, if you're not interested in downloading a full Linuz, you can usually find one or more linuz magazines with free CDs/DVDs at your local newsagents.

I don't want to go through the hassle of changing OS; is there a middle road?

There sure is. There are plenty of M$ taint you can purge from your computer. So let's start with you XP users (you need the most help after all).

First off, don't install the service packs unless you really need to. Rather take the individual updates that you need.
Secondly, use XP-AntiSpy to uncheck some of the more naughty Windows default options

The third step is to get a decent browser. This will ensure that you will get less crap when you access the web, and enable you to look down on everyone else using IE. And who doesn't want to do that? I would recommend getting Firefox ( or Opera ( The drop in amount of Spyware you get is just astounding. Of course with the MSN Toolbar and SP2 you get a popupkiller as well, but I trust those two as far as I can throw the universe with my arms tied behind my back after I've been beaten unconscious. Some pages you might still have to use IE on, but most of them are silly anyhow (made by IE users, for IE users).

Once you have switched browsers you should get Ad-aware ( to clean up after your IE adventures. Get the free version unless you can afford to lose some money on programs.

Now that you have changed browser you can move away from Outlook too (if you got Opera it has an inbuilt e-mail checker, but since Opera can become quite cumbersome, there might actually have been a good reason for not combining so much into one program). I would suggest you get Thunderbird (

The sixth step is to stop using WMP (Windows Media Player) and start using a good video player instead. Yes WMP 6.4 is totally ok, but it's not as good as
Zoomplayer (,
MPlayer ( and

You should also change firewall (lets face it, M$ has never been famous for security).
Kerio (
Outpost (
Sygate ( have all been warmly recommended to me.

Office and there-in Word should most likely also be replaced. OpenOffice.Org is a great alternative that offers pretty much everything Office has to offer and more. It is also 100% free. (

It does not end there though; MSN Messenger should also be defeated. Unfortunately I cannot recommend ICQ since they haven't released a good version in forever (pretty sure they were bought by AIM which would explain it). You can get Trillian I suppose.
Of course, to eat the cake and still have it, you can get aMSN ( Be sure to change to the penguin skin, it's adorable. Theres also Miranda (, which offers support for a lot of protocols. Its also opensource and has tons of plugins for everything you need.

To get away from hotmail, get Gmail ( It is superior in every way. I still can't believe they launched a hotmail with extra stuff and expect you to pay for stuff you can get for free... talk about silliness. If by the time youn read this, they still won't let you in without invitation, ask around in the forums. Lots of OPs have tons of unused invitations left.

What about Macintosh? 'nuff said :p