Questions about using DC
How can I connect a Hub that is not on the Hublist?
If you know the address, you either press CTRL-Q for the Quick Connect dialog, or enter the address in the box on Public Hubs page.
Search won't work or I can't get any results, why?
Go back to our Guides page and please read Ghostface's "From passive to Active mode".
What is (my) IP number?
IP number is a serie of four digits between zero and two hundred and fifty-five separated by dots. The IP numbers direct all traffic to the supposed destination in TCP/IP networks like the Internet. The easiest way to check your own IP address is to go to
If your IP number happens to be also dynamic (changes every time you connect your ISP), you will have to set the newest one to Force IP field every time you want to use DC++.

What kind of files shouldn't I share?
Useless trash that is no good for anyone is forbidden. This means .tmp and other temporary files, content of the Recycle Bin, unfinished downloads like kazaa's .dat files, scandisk .chk files et cetera.
Notice that if you share your whole hard disk your emails, bank accounts, saved passwords, personal files etc. will be shared too. It is also forbidden to share installed software like games or the Windows directory. Sharing your "My Documents" directory also makes many of your personal files free to read for anyone.
Don't share the folder where you download your files, in some point they are unfinished there anyways. Move new files to some shared folder only after you have completely downloaded and checked them.
Read the Hub rules from welcome message when connecting to the Hub, they may vary a lot on Hub basis. Many Hubs deny certain offensive files like some kinds of adult entertainment and racist material.

I have been banned, why?
You have probably shared some forbidden files, had too many Hub connections at a time or too small Hub/Slot ratio, and a Bot has noticed it. Clean up your Share List (Windows' Search tool is a good help with the files mentioned above) and learn the rules to prevent it happening again. Temporary ban that comes with a kick usually lasts from just a few to thirty minutes.
Another option is general bad behaviour, breaking some other Hub rules or disconnecting your uploads, you probably know if you have done the first or the last. Frequent kicks can result a premanent ban, and after it you will not get to the Hub before the ban is manually lifted. Operators may remove a ban, but they only do it if you correct your habits and also make them believe you will. Faking Sharing results an immediate and permanent ban without warning.
You usually get a message with the ban, telling you what you've done wrong.
In some cases someone else with a NAT or dynamic IP number may cause an innocent user with same address to have a ban without a reason. This is very rare, though.
You can use our forums to request an unban if you have a very good reason. Check the kicks/bans section

A Hub is asking for a password, why?
Most probably your nickname is already registered to some other user in the hub. You might want to consider trying to get in with some other nick.

What is Fake Sharing?
Using a separate application or modified client to falsely heighten your shared amount or sharing same files many times is called Fake Sharing. There are many means to cheat, but sooner or later even all the new ones are become commonly recognized by Operators. It's really not worth it in the long run.
Fake sharing is always followed by kick and an immediate ban, with no warning nor withdrawal, ever. Usually a faker also gets a ban in other hubs in Asgards and at times outside Asgards as well. Fakers have no friends anywhere.
How can I check my own Share List?
With DC++ it's easy to check your shares. Open File -> Open File List, move one level up in the directory tree (to DCPlusPlus directory) and open "MyList.DcLst".
DC++'s special features
DC++ has some commands that work in some or only in the chat windows:
/away - sets an away-message that is sent automatically whenever someone tries to contact you in private.
/back - removes the Away status
/clear - empties the chat window
/close - closes the window.
/grant - grants an extra download slot for the specified user.
/refresh - refreshes your Share List. Important if you add file(s) for your list while DC++ is on.
/ts - timestamps on/off.
use /help to see the commands your client supports apart from these standart
The Error Messages, a guide for the rest of us
No users to download from
You tried to download a file that has ceased to exist on the user you have specified earlier. You may search for an alternative source.
No slots available
The user you are trying to download from doesn't have any free slots for new downloaders. Wait nicely until one is free, begging doesn't usually pay off.
Remove all subdirectories before adding this one
You are trying to share a directory that has shared directories in it. Remove the subdirectories so you can share the parent directory.
Search spam detected from
Someone made over five searches in seven seconds.

Directory already shared
You are trying to share a directory that is already shared. Shame on you, you would get kicked if you survived to a Hub with it.
A file of equal or larger size already exists at the target location
You tried to download a file that you already have in the target directory. Remove the previous file or go to your local health center to be checked for other symptoms of the Alzheimer's syndrome.
Could not open target file
You or your DC client tried to open or modify a file that is write protected. The most probable reason is that the file is currently in use, most commonly in some sort of media player. Another option is that Windows XP is trying to make a preview shot of a movie file.
Invalid number of slots
Very funny, smart guy. The best options for the amount of slots are between zero and ninety-nine.
Press the follow redirect button to connect to

The Hub you tried to connect is full, closed or you didn't share enough to access it. If you want to go to the recommended Hub, press . If you want to try again, press . Connection reset by server
Your connection to the Hub was lost for some reason. It may be your of the Hub's fault, so don't panic.
Port is busy, please choose another one in the settings dialog, or disable any other application that might be using it and restart DC++
Port 1412 or the one you have specified earlier is being used by another program. First make sure you haven't got more than one DC++ running and if not, change the port to something else from the Settings page. Large port numbers between the range 1-65535 are prefered, small and handy ones are more commonly reserved for another uses.

A file with a different size already exists in the queue
Just what it sounds. There is a file with same name but different size in your queue. Usually it is good advice to remove the smaller one, it's incomplete with larger probability, and at least lower quality.
You are being redirected to
The Hub you tried to connect is full, closed or has higher requirements for shared data than you reach. The Hub automatically reconnects you to another Hub that is available and/or more suitable for your weight class.

Rollback inconsistency, existing file does not match the one being downloaded
DC++ compares some parts of two partial files you are trying to combine, and if they do not match it results this error. Either try to find a source that has identical file to your existing one or start the file all over again.
Unknown Address
You mistyped a Hub address or some of the popular free redirection services (for a common example, dns2go) are having a vacation again. We wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth though, would we?
Connection timeout
The Hub you tried to connect didn't respond to your request fast enough and your client program stopped trying. Usual causes for this error are heavy traffic or some wider connection problems at the Hub side, lousy connections overall (at low bandwith and high distances), your misconfigured Firewall, your bad karma or possibly a voodoo curse.
Unspecified loss of connection. Try again, and if it doesn't help, try again later.