Join Asgard

In our quest for online immortality and conquest we are always searching
for the helping hand some people want to offer. And it seems you have stumbled
on our "How To Join page". You may wonder what we need help with, well there
are many things. Below are some examples:

DC Hubs: If you run a hub, and would like to join Asgard
- Details are given when contact is established. Have the following info ready
Hubname, HubAdress, Size (users), If its on a dedicated server, what OS (and hubsoft) and how long the hub has been running.

Game Server: If you own/run/have access to a gaming server (any will do) Ex:
- CounterStrike/Halflife
- Unreal Tournament
- Battlefield
- Soldat
- Team Fortress 2

Programmers: A network as Asgard need talented people to help us make programs that make the internet life of both Asgardians and users alike, better
- Anything goes, if you can code we can use you (C++, C#, Java, VB(script), PHP, ASP(.NET) etc )

If you are interrested in joining Asgard contact us at our forum or contact: Curse or Light-Angel in any of our hubs.